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About our Pastors

The Reverend Daniel Dihele

Rev. Daniel Dihele is dedicated to promoting a life of integrity in order to influence the three dimensions of mankind; by bringing a positive impact in the spiritual, as well as, the physical well–being of God’s people. He is an ordained minister within Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, founder and Senior Pastor of The Oaks of Righteousness.

He is committed to bringing the biblical truth and its application by presenting the good news of the Gospel with clarity and excellence, emphasizing restoration of life for those who have experienced an inclination in their spiritual lives due to circumstances which have caused them to hold back in their Christian walk, or lack of motivation to thrive. He speaks biblical truth to those who are of the grace of God salvation.

Family & Educational Background

Also, those who are unaware of the grace of God granted through salvation.

He is a devoted servant, very involved in outreach; ministering to the sick, imprisoned, and is passionate for souls. He has reached many souls for God in Africa, Europe, and North America.

Rev. Daniel Dihele holds a Master of Theology (MDiv) from Tyndale University in Toronto, Ontario. Rev. Dihele is married to Pastor Denese, and has one son and twin girls, they currently reside in Mississauga, Ontario.